TDA Buddy custom designs and manufactures pneumatic manipulators, articulating lifts, and industrial manipulators that help workers perform material handling jobs with ease. In addition to the usual pick and place tasks, our 3-D part manipulators can grip parts, roll, pitch, or yaw them if necessary, and place them accurately for the next operation. We can manufacture the manipulating arms of our pneumatic part handling equipment with various types of grippers that allow lifting of parts with various configurations, including metal blanks with holes. End effectors are offered with vacuum, mechanical, or pneumatically actuated grippers.

Our industrial pneumatic manipulators have a unique neutral balance technology that allows the parts to float, making them weightless. For instance, when the equipment senses a grip on a part, it transfers more air to the lifting cylinders. The pressurized lifting cylinder neutralizes or counter-balances the part load so that the operator feels no weight from the load.

Whether you are seeking material handling solutions for small sensitive materials or parts weighing up to 400 lbs, we offer pneumatic part manipulators that are designed to improve worker ergonomics and productivity. Depending on your specific application or space constraints, pneumatic 3D manipulators can be manufactured in fixed or portable models. Fixed units can be floor anchored or mounted on overhead rails.

Pneumatic Manipulator Specifications

Maximum Payload Capacity

  • 400 lbs

Maximum Reach

  • 10’ radius

Vertical Travel

  • 64”

Swivel Angle

  • up to 360°

End Effector Types

  • C-Frame Tooling
  • Core-Grip Roll Handler
  • Expanding Mandrels
  • Magnets
  • Mechanical Tooling
  • Pneumatic Grippers
  • Vacuum Pick Up Devices
  • Others

Mounting Options

  • Fixed Floor
  • Fixed Overhead
  • Overhead Rail
  • Fork Lift Portable Baseplate
  • Press Face Mounted

Pneumatic Manipulator Features

  • Neutral Balance System
  • Hoistipulator
  • Torque Arm

Manipulator Functions

  • Pick and Place
  • Press Unloading
  • Rack Loading/Unloading
  • Hundreds of Custom Applications
Manipulator metal jaws
Parts of a pneumatic manipulator
Parts of a pneumatic manipulator
Parts of a pneumatic manipulator

Additional Information

  • Pneumatic Manipulator Advantages
  • No electrical connection required
  • Float loading capability
  • Pneumatic manipulators are explosion proof
  • Precise part positioning
  • Skilled maintenance is not required