The Little Buddy is an excellent option in our custom industrial manipulators when a compact option is needed. Rather than use a large piece of equipment for smaller jobs, the Little Buddy provides versatility and ease of use. Because TDA Buddy always works to provide the best solution for every problem our customers face, we provide the Little Buddy as a great alternative to workplaces that have limited floor space but still need a quality piece of equipment for manipulation of components. And, like all our industrial manipulators, the Little Buddy also offers custom options for every customer. This helps every operation that could use the Little Buddy fit it seamlessly into their workflow to improve productivity.


  • Versatile, flexible, compact solutions for palletizing, machine loading, and positioning.
  • Effortless motion for pick and place operations up to 100 lbs.
  • Holds its load rigid in 3-D space. No swinging, tipping, or pendulous motion.
  • Available in “Neutral Balance” or “Auto Balance” versions. Either version floats the part weightlessly.
  • No jerking or jumping of the load.
  • Custom configured for your application.
  • Easily retooled for different part configurations.
  • Multiple arm configurations allow a variety of lift heights, weight capacities, and reach.
  • Multiple mounting configurations enhance compactness of the system.
The little buddy 3D manipulator