At TDA Buddy, we commit to offering our customers the absolute best industrial manipulators and custom end effectors on the market. With the ability to pitch, roll, and yaw as needed, our machines reach into tight spaces to perform their work. More importantly, they offer an unmatched level of versatility. So, they perform new tasks, move to different stations, and meet the evolving needs of your operation. If you’re looking for a way to cut down on workplace injuries, optimize your labor force, and reduce waste, our hydraulic and pneumatic manipulators are a time-tested solution. To learn more about our equipment, we encourage you to browse our product list below. Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page.

a hydraulic manipulator in action

Pneumatic 3-D Manipulators

TDA Buddy custom designs and manufactures pneumatic manipulators, articulating lifts, and industrial manipulators. These help workers perform material handling jobs with ease.

a pneumatic manipulator in action

Hydraulic 3-D Manipulators

Our uniquely-designed hydraulically powered manipulators hold and maneuver parts in 3 dimensions. This makes them best suited for heavy-duty industrial material handling applications.

The little buddy 3D manipulator

Little Buddy

Introducing the “Little Buddy” Balance Arm! Little Buddy provides versatile solutions for palletizing, machine loading and positioning. Its effortless motion supports pick and place operations up to 100 lbs.

an articulating arm being used

Articulating Arms

Our articulating lift arms are best suited for material handling applications. Specifically, those that require the articulating lift arms to remain above the work area. Additionally, they help in jobs which don’t require rigid 3-D tooling capability.

Custom end effector for a manipulator

Custom End Effectors

We manufacture vacuum, mechanical, and pneumatic grippers. Each can be attached to the ends of articulating or 3-D manipulator arms. So, our vacuum gripper systems are best suited to pick and place bags, boxes, and wood.

Parts of a hydraulic manipulator

Hoistipulator Manipulators

This manipulator works like a hoist. Instead of our standard neutral balance system, the Hoistipulator uses a variable speed up/down control. Generally, this makes it advantageous in operations with widely varying part weights.