If you’re aiming to preserve your operation’s profitability, cut costs, and reduce lost time, it’s essential to implement sound workplace safety measures. As your most valuable asset, your employees’ health is paramount. There’s simply no substitute for a reliable, well-trained worker. Because of this, workplace injuries can be devastating and often result in costly shutdowns, damaged morale, and – worst of all — ongoing health problems. TDA Buddy’s comprehensive line of industrial manipulators can help you avoid common injuries caused by repetitive motion, excessive vibration, heavy lifting, and more.

What is workplace safety?

Workplace safety is typically defined as having three core components. The first is the promotion of workers’ health and ability to work. The second is the continual improvement of the work environment to ensure that it is geared toward advancing worker health and safety. The third is the promotion of a culture of safety. Taken together, these three components aim to preserve and protect workers and, by extension, company uptime and productivity.

In simpler terms, workplace safety is the practice of implementing measures, practices, and equipment with the primary aim of controlling hazardous conditions and avoiding employee injuries. Whether you’re installing guards on dangerous machines or you’re integrating pneumatic manipulators into your line, any effort to reduce injuries is a step toward improved workplace safety.


How can TDA Buddy help?

At TDA Buddy, we understand that workplace injuries have far-reaching consequences. They can affect your bottom line, your employee’s confidence, your operation’s uptime, and more. For your security and peace of mind, we can help in the following ways…

Improve operator ergonomics. Repetitive stress injuries are some of the most common types of workplace injuries. When you utilize our lifts, products and materials are rendered functionally weightless, which ensures that the stress of moving them is reduced or eliminated altogether.

Increased productivity. When your employees aren’t overexerting themselves or straining to complete their work, they can work faster, safer, and more efficiently. Not only can our manipulators increase the speed of your line, they can reduce lost time due to unexpected injuries.

Customizable to meet your needs. We know that no two operations are the same. Since 1985, we’ve worked with customers to build, modify, and customize industrial manipulators that integrate seamlessly into their lines to enhance confidence, reliability, and – above all else – safety.

Versatile and adaptable. Unlike fully automated solutions, TDA Buddy’s industrial manipulators can be repurposed, moved, and adapted to new applications. You’re never locked into a single application and can relocate your manipulator to the stations where your employees need it most.

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