At TDA Buddy, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the perfect solution to any industrial handling need, whether through the use of industrial manipulators, articulating arms, or custom end effectors. The links below showcase a selection of unique Industrial scenarios, and how TDA Buddy Industrial Manipulation systems provided solutions to these situations. Whether you find an example listed below that fits what you would need done with industrial manipulators, or you need another solution, our team is happy to help. From a wide range of function to a specific need being met, TDA Buddy helps with every situation.

If you want to learn more about our capabilities or are interested in getting a solution similar to one of the case studies below, reach out on our contact page!

Parts of a 3D manipulator

Aluminum Stampings with Varying Hole Locations

A custom stamper contacted us asking if we could load their press with aluminum blanks.

A piece of equipment with a hydraulic manipulator behind it

Provide Robot Like Loading Cycle Times

A large appliance manufacturer contacted us with an application for loading dishwasher tubs on an assembly line.

Parts of a 3D manipulator

Replace Manual Loading of Machining Center

A large transportation component manufacturer contacted us to provide a solution to the ergonomic problem of loading and unloading parts from inside a machining center.