TDA Buddy, Inc introduces our new Hoistipulator line of pneumatic 3-D manipulators. It’s a manipulator that works like a hoist. Instead of our standard neutral balance system the Hoistipulator uses a variable speed up/down control. The advantage is in operations with widely varying part weights or when the operation calls for the addition or removal of weight from the part.

As with our standard units, the end effectors can be widely customized to the job and the tool can roll, pitch, or spin the load.

In a further advancement, the Hoistipulator + Plus allows the load to be locked in position in space so workers can perform operations on the part. Grinding, welding, drilling, fitting are all operations that can be performed while the Hoistipulator firmly holds the part in the air.

Parts of a 3D manipulator

Hoistipulator Specifications

Maximum Payload Capacity

  • 400 lbs

Maximum Reach

  • 10’ radius

Vertical Travel

  • 64”

Swivel Angle

  • up to 360°

End Effector Types

  • C-Frame Tooling
  • Core-Grip Roll Handler
  • Expanding Mandrels
  • Magnets
  • Mechanical Tooling
  • Pneumatic Grippers
  • Vacuum Pick Up Devices
  • Others

Mounting Options

  • Fixed Floor
  • Fixed Overhead
  • Overhead Rail
  • Fork Lift Portable Baseplate

Hoistipulator Features

  • Variable Speed Throttle Control System
  • Torque Arm

Manipulator Functions

  • Pick and Place
  • Press Unloading
  • Rack Loading/Unloading
Parts of a 3D manipulator
A hydraulic manipulator lifting a large piece of sheet metal
Parts of a 3D manipulator
A hydraulic manipulator moving a piece of material

Additional Information

Hoistipulator Advantages

  • No electrical connection required
  • Float loading capability
  • Pneumatic manipulators are explosion proof
  • Precise part positioning
  • Skilled maintenance is not required