Our articulating lift arms have similarities to 3-D manipulators and have the same control as well as lift functions. So, they work best in material handling applications that require the articulating lift arms to remain above the work area. Additionally, they work best in jobs which don’t require rigid 3-D tooling capability. We can manufacture them in 2-arm, 3-arm, or 4-arm assembly models with a maximum payload capacity of 500 lbs. and reach radius of up to 12′. Reach, assembly patterns, and weight ratings can be customized to suit your specific application needs.

We specialize in manufacturing industrial articulating lifts for material handling applications, from loading and unloading to positioning. TDA Buddy’s articulating lift arms are available for parts that are centered on the drop link rather than being cantilevered or overhung. Additionally, our ergonomic arms help operators perform repetitive and physically stressful lifting tasks with ease. They can be fitted with tool balancers, tool holders, end effectors, and pneumatic or electric hoists. Moreover, multiple joint arm flexibility facilitates smooth maneuvering around work-area obstructions.

Parts of a 3D manipulator

Articulating Arms Specifications

Maximum Payload Capacity

  • 500 lbs

Maximum Reach

  • 12’ radius

Swivel Angle

  • 180° to 360°


  • Lifting
  • Lowering
Articulating arms of an industrial manipulator
A hydraulic manipulator moving a piece of material

Additional Information


  • Cost effective
  • Ease of positioning and movement
  • Enhances operator safety
  • Multiple joint arm flexibility
  • Pneumatic or electric hoist availability