Heavy Duty Industrial Manipulators hold your parts rigid in 3-D space while pitching, rolling, or yawing as needed AND reaching into tight spaces to pick and place.

Reliable, Versatile Industrial Manipulators


Every company has “Toos”… all sorts of items that are too heavy, too bulky, too hot or too something for workers to safely and comfortably pick up and move. Countless workplace injuries happen needlessly as a result of employees wrestling with their work.

We’re here to help.

For over 30 years, TDA Buddy, Inc. has been improving productivity and protecting workers by designing and building industrial manipulator systems to take the “too” out of your “Toos.”

Contact us today — a TDA Buddy manipulator will help you protect your workers and get more done.

We Specialize in 3-D Manipulators

a hydraulic manipulator in action

Pneumatic 3-D Manipulators

TDA Buddy custom designs and manufactures pneumatic manipulators, articulating lifts, and industrial manipulators that help workers perform material handling jobs with ease.

a pneumatic manipulator in action

Hydraulic 3-D Manipulators

Our hydraulically powered manipulators are uniquely designed to hold and maneuver parts in 3 dimensions. They are best suited for heavy-duty industrial material handling applications.

The little buddy 3D manipulator

Little Buddy

Introducing the “Little Buddy” Balance Arm! Little Buddy provides versatile solutions for palletizing, machine loading and positioning. Its effortless motion supports pick and place operations up to 100 lbs.

Heavy duty lift crane operator


Let’s face it; protecting your employees from workplace injury is a major concern. Stress and strain or repetitive motion injuries are a hardship for your workers and their families and a burden on your profitability. TDA Buddy ergonomic articulating lifts can help with that.

Workplace injuries are expensive — often much more expensive than providing systems like ours to keep your workers safe and productive. Insurance to protect your business from injury claims is increasingly expensive and does nothing to improve productivity. For your workers, and for your bottom line, contact TDA Buddy, Inc today and let us help you conquer your “Toos.”


We’re different! Plenty of companies build tools that pick parts up and put them down. Our customers depend on us to build complete systems to grip parts, flip, pitch or spin them if necessary and accurately place them for the next operation.

Our ergonomic lift systems are uniquely designed to hold and maneuver your parts rigidly in 3 dimensions, not just hang them in the air. At the same time, we automatically make the part weightless so your workers, even the smallest, lightest ones, can maneuver your parts effortlessly — all shift long.