TDA Buddy specializes in manufacturing grippers, vacuum pick up devices, magnets, and other ergonomic, custom end effectors. Additionally, manufacturing grippers suitable for handling products ranging from window frames and structural components to fragile parts is not a problem for us. We manufacture custom end effectors to complete new manipulator projects or complement your existing lift systems.

We manufacture vacuum, mechanical, or pneumatic grippers that can be attached to the end of articulating or 3-D manipulator arms. Our vacuum gripper lifting systems are best suited to pick and place bags, boxes, and wood. And, because these systems make pallet loading and unloading an easy, they are a one-person operation. So, to solve press safety problems, we manufacture vacuum pick up devices that enable operators to safely adjust or retrieve out of position parts on presses.

Further, these systems also eliminate the need to shutdown or block presses, which in turn increases productivity. Our magnet grip tools are best suited for cylindrical or flat steel sheet parts with thicknesses above 1/4″. Depending on your specific steel handling needs, TDA Buddy manufactures electromagnets or pneumatic permanent magnets. In conclusion, from concept consultation and design to assembly, we will work with you to offer complete solutions for complex material handling problems.

Custom End Effector Specifications

End Effector Types

  • C-Frame Tooling
  • Core-Grip Roll Handler
  • Expanding Mandrels
  • Magnets
  • Mechanical Tooling
  • Vacuum Pick Up Devices
  • Vacuum/Pneumatic/Mechanical Grippers
Gripper end effector for an industrial manipulator